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Camp Connect

Mystery Thriller Adventures

June 8-10, 2016

New lower price this year!!!  $150.00 per person for campers and chaperons


Helping Kids Connect

Camp Connect provides a quality church camp experience with a mission emphasis for children grades 4-6.

We use as our scriptural model Luke 2:52. “Jesus became wise, and he grew strong. God was pleased with him and so were the people.” Luke 2:52 (CEV)

The leadership of Camp Connect believes that this verse is a scriptural model of how we should help our children grow. They need to grow in wisdom (mental); they need to grow strong (physical); they need to grow in their ability to form relationships with other people (emotional) and they need to learn to please God (spiritual).

Helping Kids Grow

Mental Growth

Camp Connect challenges children to expand their knowledge of the world and of the Bible through active hands on mission and Bible study experiences.

Physical Growth

Camp Connect is full of physical activity from recreation, to parties and swim time. All of these activities help children grow physically.

Emotional Growth

  • Camp Connect challenges children to grow emotionally through the self-esteem building and independence generating experience of caring for oneself at camp in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Camp Connect helps children experience Christianity in a cooperative environment with children from congregations across the state. Meeting others who believe like us or differently from us challenges children to grow and expand their mind and their social relationships with others.
  • Camp Connect encourages children to see themselves as a part of the broader world around them by participating actively in mission projects and learning about the needs and experiences of cultures around our world.

Spiritual Growth

Camp Connect is designed to allow children to encounter God on many different levels.

  • Through independent, child appropriate, devotion and quiet time spent with God.
  • Through child friendly worship.
  • Through daily Bible study on one specific theme each year.
  • Through church response time where theological issues raised during Bible study and worship can be explored on a doctrinal level through the interpretation of church sponsors from the local church.
  • Through feeling God’s call to respond to others in need from the hands on mission experience and the daily immersion in cultures other than our own.